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What was the origin of Awakening?

Awakening was born out of the need to strengthen and launch reliable, effective and trustworthy ministers to support the local pastor in ministry. Young and old, new and experienced – many believers have attended Awakening, leaving spiritually stirred, actived and awakened, ready to play an active part in church and their communities. As a result of the course, strongholds are broken in the lives of the attendees, they start flowing in the power of God, their spiritual growth is activated and they will be exercising signs and wonders through the Holy Spirit on a daily basis. Awakening, in short, can in no other way be explained as: empowering, enabling, uplifting, strengthening and connecting a believer to operate in the Gifts of the Spirit. Above all, Awakening touches the hearts of believers and that is immeasurable!

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The Experience

At the end of an Awakening weekend, believers and fellow leaders usually walk out inspired and assured that they are instruments in the hands of the Lord, ready to impact their surrounding communities.

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