Awakening Weekend Seminars

Awakening is an advanced training package designed to equip individuals and leadership to minister in their local congregation. It is unique in presentation, practicality, experience and impartation. Awakening, with its ministry and leadership, believes whole-heartedly in the support of the local church and the strengthening of their structures and commitment levels. To overcome language barriers, course material can either be presented in English or Afrikaans.

Awakening is filled with excellence and fine detail, enriched with Word-based truths, from the presentation of the course through to the printed manual where personal notes can also be added to the material presented.

From the very start, attendees are welcomed, expectations are set and the weekend’s programme is explained. The course involves over 14 hours of impartation and practical ministry, giving every attendee the opportunity to practice and exercise the subject throughout. During the weekend, starting on the Friday evening proceeding to Saturday morning and evening, sessions are progressively led to enable attendees to minister and move in the gifts of the Spirit and to release the anointing of God.

At the end of an Awakening weekend, believers and fellow leaders usually walk out inspired and assured that they are instruments in the hands of the Lord, ready to impact their surrounding communities.

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Do you need a breakthrough in your life? Are you struggling with your health, your finances, relationship or any other area? Are you trusting God for a miracle? Then you HAVE TO attend one of our breakthrough services!

Breakthrough Services are held once a month in Pretoria (at Farm Inn in Silver Lakes Road) as well as in the East Rand (at Oasis Church in Bredell). 

What happens at a Breakthrough Service? The evening starts with praise and worship. After 2 or 3 songs, Stephen shares a message from the Word. There-after the evening progresses as the Spirit leads Stephen.  Come expectant to see people touched and healed. Come expectant to see miracles. Come with the expectation that God wants to touch YOUR life.

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Awakening Breakthrough Services

Awakening Business Breakfasts

Picture around 200 Woman and Men of God, meeting once a month for a Business Breakfast… That is exactly what happens once a month at O’ Galitos Woodlands Boulevard in Pretoria.

Join us as we talk about the Father’s heart for the country and for your business. Mingle with like-minded CEO’s, Managers, Directors and other influential business people.

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About the founder...

Stephen Claassens has a passion to see the local church growing and maturing in the working of the Holy Spirit. He also has an inner drive to see the local pastor strengthened and supported by

its members, in order to activate ministries and growth and in their congregation/s. With 25 years of ministry experience, Stephen has a gift to impart Holy Spirit-led ministry through connecting with an audience and using real life stories as resources. He touches, inspires and moves the hearts of the leadership and fellow believers to practically operate in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to release the anointing and the power of God.